> Lastly, I don't feel that I, or my App, have rights to access Twitter's
> API.  It's their system, my access is a privilege.

They must in order for any app of significant size to exist.  To
reiterate others in this thread, Twitter does a great job.

I think the alliance is a bit unrealistic (though interesting).  I
would like to see a developer bill of rights which is officially
backed by Twitter and made public.  They could of course change this
as they feel necessary but once it's publicly disclosed then everyone
is on the same page as to what they can and should expect.

As a developer one of my primary concerns if that Twitter creates or
modifies a policy which only has an implicit guideline.  That's easy
to do and could cause harm to developers that have invested a lot of
time.  This would, in the long run, wind up resulting in a crappy
developer community (ala Facebook).

I would also like to see on the bill of rights a list of rights
reserved for Twitter.  They're ultimately in control and have the most
at stake.

I trust the Twitter team as much as the rest of us on this list but I
would like to see some sort of commitment for long term behavior if

Thanks for starting the thread Peter.


On Jul 17, 7:47 am, Clint Shryock <cts...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I think this is well intended but not necessary.   As far as creating a
> group that has the "ear of Twitter", I think this is list is doing quite
> well in that regard.  The Twitter dev's have been very responsive and so far
> we have a nice community of third party devs as well.
> I agree with Bjoren, I feel this would just add an unnecessary level of
> politics.  If I chose not to join said alliance, would Twitter care less
> about my voice?  Again, I don't see how this group would be beneficial in
> anyway that this list isn't already providing.
> Lastly, I don't feel that I, or my App, have rights to access Twitter's
> API.  It's their system, my access is a privilege.
> +Clint

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