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> In fact if such a scheme was in place, it would also give people a way
> to "officially" link to a site. They could add the hash of the
> destination URL in their tweet and become searchable. I realize that
> would probably be too geeky for widespread adaption, but in theory I
> like the idea ;-)

This issue goes well beyond Twitter.  Those of us who have created any sort
of URL tracking and measurment application would benefit from it. There's
great value, I am certain, in being able to identify, as close to real-time
as possible, URLs that are being cited by a lot of people (or by
influencers/opinion leaders, etc.)  Each cite is a signifcant "vote" for the
page and when it occurs in real-time media (v. static web pages), it
provides a relevance metric that Google and its competitors aren't touching

This seemed to be worth a blog post:



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