> So, long story short and to the point, would it be possible to have in
> your Twitter account settings a check box similar to how Google has
> one for "pornographic" sites but have one for "uses profanity" and we
> can then use a filter in our queries like "&profanity=0" or something
> to that extent and people found using profanity in "rated G" tweets
> may have their account suspended until they change their content
> rating setting?

The problem with this is that it puts Twitter in the position of having to
a be a de facto content censor. Besides people having varying ideas of what
constitutes offensive, it also possibly subjects them to legal consequences.
Although they do have some content standards out of necessity (particularly
for images), I think this would be a real problem for them to apply it to
every single tweet and user. If a content consumer has a problem with a tweet,
I think it is much less fraught with peril for them to do the filtering as
they deem appropriate.

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