Hi everybody*,

Starting next week I'm not going to be responding to mails on the dev list or working on Google Code issues as part of my daily work. I have been working on the Search and API/Platform teams here at Twitter since the acquisition of Summize a year ago and the time has come for a change. I'm leaving both teams to take on the role of technical lead for the new Twitter internationalization team. Anybody who's gotten me talking about language detection or language-specifics (especially in person) knows this is something I have a personal interest in. The other team member are going to continue to keep an eye on the dev list and the Google Code issues. As always you can email a...@twitter.com directly if you need something. I'll continue working on the Google Code issues assigned to me or in some cases someone will take them over next week. I mostly felt like I should send you all a good bye since you're considered an extension of the API/Platform team. This change should be fully backward compatible so I didn't see the need for 7-days notice.

Good night, and good luck;
 – Matt Sanford / @mzsanford
     Twitter Dev

* = Who just said "Hi, Dr. Nick." out loud? Your cube neighbor thinks you're crazy.

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