H list,

Is there a list of potential error responses and/or a set of test
pages that return these responses? The django oauth and twitterapi
libs seem to let 40x httplib errors bubble all the way to the top and
I would like to add some Exception handling to at least give
appropriate feedback to my users. Right now, I am catching all httplib
Exceptions and notifying the user to try again later. My app is using
twitter as an alternate login protocol (along side openid, etc),
content submission via DM, and local content sharing.

Specific errors of interest:
- User has revoked access to our app  from the Twitter side but is
still attempting to to use our app and fails since we still are using
their access token on file.
- Rate limit hit (would like to instruct the user to try "again later"
instead of just "again shortly")


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