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> Hi,
> Tried posting this earlier but I'm not seeing it so apologies if this
> is a repost.
> I noticed there was only one .NET example in the Twitter wiki using
> oAuth, and it doesn't illustrate how to handle PINs in a desktop app.
> So here are a couple examples based on the C# oAuth/Twitter library by
> Eran Sandler and Shannon Whitely, with modifications to handle the PIN
> stuff.
> http://www.codingthewheel.com/archives/codingthetweet
> http://www.codingthewheel.com/archives/coding-the-tweet-redux
> Are there any other popular C# libraries/wrappers for oAuth?
> Thanks~

Check out dotnetopenauth, maintained by Andrew Arnott, a MSFT employee.
MS-PLUS licensing. Actively maintained project, if it doesn't have PIN
support, email him on the group list, I guarantee he'll roadmap and resolve
it quickly.


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