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> 2009/7/19 niff <nick.fr...@gmail.com>:
> >
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > I'm trying to pull a list of followers, including the time they
> > started following.
> > I'm not sure what method should be used for this. Here's what I
> > thought about so far and didn't work.
> > - ids.xml (obviously not)
> > - followers.xml the more detailed one (still no info on the time)
> > - friendship exists (still no info on the time)
> >
> > Anyone can help with ideas for this. Is there a method or combination
> > of methods, or any idea, to get the time this follower started
> > following?
> There is no API call that reports the time a follower relationship was
> created. Last I heard Twitter don't actually record it at all, if they
> did I'd expect it to be shown on the main website which it's not.
> -Stuart
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Your followers on the twitter web site are (or at least were last time I
listed in descending order from the newest to the oldest follower.  Do they
keep the list in order or do they keep the time of follow internally and
then sort the
list in reverse chronological order when needed for display?

- h

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