On Jul 19, 12:01 pm, Zac Witte <zacwi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> For most of this week I have been seeing duplicate tweets appear when
> I quickly paginate through a set of results using the json search api.

Could one reason be that the search results change so quickly? Like
the search for the first request provides 1000 hits. The search for
the second request provides 1020 hits because in the meantime 20 more
tweets with the search term were made?

I would imagine that it is difficult to get pagination right with such
issues. However, I'd expect to see that if more time is between the
requests, not if there is less time as you describe.

Still, I wonder how to approach that problem. I suppose the opposite
of since_id would be needed, to only consider search results up to a
specified time or id.


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