I was interested to read about the way Tweetmeme sets up it's retweet
button: http://help.tweetmeme.com/2009/04/06/tweetmeme-button/

I also want to create a pure javascript Twitter service that people
could integrate into their web site. It also needs to know the URL of
the site it is sitting on, so that people can tweet through it, and it
can find the respective tweets.

The problem is that for example with a typical Wordpress blog, an
article (containing the script) would appear on multiple sites, so URL
autodetection doesn't seem like a good option. Even specifying the URL
beforehand seems less than ideal, because blog writers won't
necessarily know the URL of an article before they submit it. So they
would have to submit the article and then go back and

I suppose Tweetmeme gets around this by providing a Wordpress plugin,
but that would be overkill for me atm (though conceivable for the

Just wondering if there are any other ideas out there to approach the


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