Hi Group,

I hit a weird issue with my app and I am not sure how others are
dealing with this.

When I make a JSONP query for say a user name but if its not entirely
accurate (mis-spelled for example) I get a header with null 0 which is
doing weird things with my app since I am not getting back the
callback with either no results or an error status.

example a query for the user mashable (but I had an 's' on the end of

header null 0


should be (mashable)


or when there was an @ in front of the user name, while I did make a
regex to correct the accidental requests of @ and # I can't really
control if someone spells a users name wrong in my app.

So to clarify, when I make a JSONP query and Twitter gives a null 0
header my app fails since no callback is being called (my error
handling is in my callback function), being a JSONP query I would
expect something back like an error code or empty results etc. I am
really hoping to not have to use a query timer or something like that
for this. :( At least with empty results set or error code I can
inform the user of the fail and why.

When I do a search using the same scenario


I get JSON data back (which I can work with)



Thanks in advance for any help here :)
Vision Jinx

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