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That said, there is an open issue for this [1]. Be sure to add a star
to receive updates to the defect. The defect is due to a replication
delay and typically takes less than 90 minutes for the replication to
reach the object serialized by the API. I'm still working on who
actually owns this defect and will update the thread in the issue list
when I learn more.



On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Kevin  Dunglas<> wrote:
> Nobody has the answer? It helps me a lot!
> On Jul 19, 6:42 pm, Kevin  Dunglas<> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on a program which update periodically some Twitter
>> accounts avatars.
>> Here is the process:
>> --
>> while True:
>>   GET
>>   GET avatar located at the url specified in the profile_image_url XML
>> tag
>>   Make some change to the avatar
>>   POST the new avatar on
>>   sleep(some time)
>> --
>> While the program sleep (between two avatar processing) the user can
>> upload manually a new avatar.
>> My problem is that the value profile_image_url is often outdated an
>> when I try to download the current user avatar using this value I get
>> a 404 error.
>> I guess the address of the avatar is cached, but after how long the
>> users/show page contains the new value? Is there a way to always the
>> get the current (displayed on the user profile) avatar ?
>> Thanks !

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