Hi all,
  Sorry for a newbie question again but I am a bit confuse with the
-with-Twitter feature ..

I came across some Twitter app , which let user key in their twitter
account and password , then authenticate the user via API call .

I came across also Sign-in-with-Twitter feature in Twitter developer
wiki which redirect user to https://www.twitter.com/oauth/authenticate

My question is , how should I code my web app home page  ?

Can I use the following logic ?

When user access the app home page
1. Getting a request token with cusumer key and secret,  redirect to
https://www.twitter.com/oauth/authenticate with passing in oauth_token

2. User will be redirected to appropriate page by twitter based on the
flow in http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Sign-in-with-Twitter

3. After authenticated, twitter will redirect user to the callback
URL.  (At this point , how do I get the user id ? call the
verify_credential ?)

With the above logic, user will be key in username and password at
twitter page, what about I would like to user to input username and
password at the page that I customize ?

Sorry for a long question but I really need some help , any hints is
much appreciated ..


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