Seems to be working now, I guess it was a temporary thing.  Would help
if I knew what caused it :) thanks.

On Jul 22, 3:55 pm, atifzshaikh <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been trying to get the friends/followers list using the REST
> API but I always get an empty users node after page 101.  The GET
> request URL looks like this:
> I get the same result regardless of type, XML or JSON, and it happens
> when retrieving the friends list as well.  All my requests are
> authenticated using OAuth, but even if I use the web browser to make
> an unauthenticated request and the put the above URL in I get the same
> result.  At first I thought it was a rate limit issue but the IP
> address I am making the requests from is white listed and when I made
> the request I checked my rate limit and it was more than 10k at the
> time.  We all know Barack Obama has more than 101 pages of followers
> so it can't be the last page.
> Any help or advice will be appreciated.
> Thanks

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