Think about a bot who just bulk follows random people, it then would kept track of users who didn't blindly or automatically follow back and dump them quickly and try following another batch of users so that it wouldn't bust it's follow ratio limit. Using this strategy a bot could eventually build a very large following/followers list for someone while still keeping it's ratio within the boundaries set.

I believe that the second part of that term is to protect against this scenario.

Vision Jinx wrote:

Re: "as well as following and unfollowing those who don't follow back,
are both violations of our terms of service."

What gives Twitter the right to dictate who you want to follow or not?
That is like Gmail saying you can't remove contacts from your contacts
list. When I signed up it suggested a list of people to follow but I
didn't find the tweets interesting so I un-followed them (they didn't
follow me back, but that was not the reason I un-followed them). I
should have the right to decide who I want to follow or not unless
Twitter is under a communist regime? Is there also a term that if
someone posts a link I have to click it also?

I also followed iGoogle for a while but didn't find the tweets that
interesting so I un-followed them, they never followed me back, so if
Twitter wants to delete my account (for TOS violations) then fine go a
head, do so right now then, but I feel it is my right to decide who I
do and do not want to follow and that will not change. They need to
post a message when you sign up that you are not allowed to un-follow
people. Why is there even that option then?

Vision Jinx
(In case Twitter wants to delete my account for feeling I have the
right to decide who I follow, fine then do it now.) I also, un-
followed someone because they kept posting the same tweets over again
so who's the bigger offender there then?

On Jul 24, 10:22 am, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
On Twitter's new site,, under the heading
Best Practices, the following is listed as a spamming practice:

"Following churn: Following and unfollowing the same people
repeatedly, as well as following and unfollowing those who don't
follow back, are both violations of our terms of service."

Take note devs, the "...unfollowing those who don't follow back..."
statement is posing a risk for any of your apps that do bulk unfollow.

On that point, I would like to get clear guidance from Twitter whether
unfollowing someone who has stopped following you, i.e., unfollowed
you first, would also constitute a violation of Twitter terms.

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