I was searching for the same thing, so it would be great to know if
this "auto-follow" sort of usage of twitter API is allowed or not?

Example: On a twitter authentication (OAauth) based website, when
USER1 logs into the website will follow 5 other members (that might or
not follow back).

If it`s allowed, what would be the API usage limit?

Would it be ok to restrict this auto-follow option on 5 followings /
member / each one hour - basis?

Thank you.

Sincerly, Cristian.

P.S.: I`m not sure what happent to my first post, this is the 2nd on
this topic. I appologise if reply needed to be approved and that`s why
it didn`t show the 1st one.

On Jul 25, 7:41 am, Chaoming Li <chaoming...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I see a few apps doing this, some have been there for months.
> Basically they allow users to login and click a button to follow other
> users on the list, and then the other users might follows you back. I
> am wondering is that allowed?

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