I was looking for the same thing, an answer if there is a limit for
using OAuth in order to create friendships between members of a
twitter authentication based site.
Basicaly this is a sort of auto-follow when login using twitter

The first moral question would be: Is it allowed?
2nd question: If YES, is there a limit?

To be precise i`m only refering to the OAuth option to POST friendship
creation between one (login/signup twitter user) and others (also
members of the website, twitter users).

Example: If there is a limit of one hour since user1 last time logged
into our website, he can/or may not be able to follow other 5,10

Would be of great help to know if this is not against twitter policy
on how API resources can be used so we can start developing on this

Thank you.

Sincerly, Cristian.

On Jul 25, 7:41 am, Chaoming Li <chaoming...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I see a few apps doing this, some have been there for months.
> Basically they allow users to login and click a button to follow other
> users on the list, and then the other users might follows you back. I
> am wondering is that allowed?

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