On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 6:49 PM, mattarnold1977

> I've been able to create a successful web request to receive an auth
> token from Twitter.  However, Twitter is not sending me back to my
> development environment even though I have put the oauth_callback
> parameter on my request.  It even shows my call back parameter in the
> URL on the Twitter oAuth authentication page.
> I'm wondering if anyone else is using VS 08 (ASP .NET) as their
> development environment and were able to successfully get the oAuth
> call back parameter to redirect back to their development environment?
> -Matt

As I think I'd mentioned off-list, I'm able to redirect no problem, using
VS05 or VS08 or even VS10 VPC.

I'm able to default to my registered callback, and I'm able to provide an
oauth_callback value for testing (localhost) that works without difficulty.

What oauth_callback value are you providing, and what URL are you ending up


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