Hi, I'm the guy behind http://muuter.com. It's a pretty basic service
that allows users to temporarily "mute" people by unfollowing and
following back after a set time passes.

The service works through a simple web interface, and I developed some
simple bookmarklets to make it easy to work with the app. I recently
added the option of sending DMs to the @muuter account to send a mute
command (something like "d muuter someone 6 h", you can see other
options in http://muuter.com/tools).

Now, for this to work @muuter has to follow everyone that may send a
DM command, so I started following people as soon as they (o)auth to
the site. Now, @muuter has around 130 followers and follows 815 users.
As this last number got stuck for the last day I started researching a
bit and found that @muuter reached a following limit, and the ratios
will not improve as the service ages, I suspect the contrary.

Is there a way around this? I could programmatically force users to
follow @muuter, and it's a VERY low traffic account, but this may
freak out some specially vocal people. Any pointers/best practices
about this?

Thanks in advance.

Andres B

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