You only need to click on the "more" button once, like a hyperlink and
unlike an application icon.

Clicking on it twice, in rapid succession as you did, just tells the web
backend that you want to load the information and then load it again.

- h

On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 22:00, Douglas Melo <> wrote:

> Hello developers. I didn't find another way to talk to you that a find
> a bug on twitter.
> When you "double-click" on the button "more" to see more "messages",
> it shows the next messages and as it ends to load them, it loads them
> again. It seems to call two times the method to load asynchronously
> the message.
> I think I'm helping telling 'bout this. Maybe, twitter could have a
> bug area...don't know..=P

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