I agree with you Dave.  I have several thought about new 
services based on searching Twitter's historical data.  
Unfortunately my ideas appear to be getting less and less 

Twitter claims to have all its data stored in disk-based 
databases from what I understand ... yet without access to 
this data it is worthless.  

It seems to me they could allow searches of this historical 
data via a new "History API" then let us cache the results 
on our own servers.  Most of the services I've conceived 
would do this infrequently -- never in real time -- and 
would not impact their existing "cached" server data because 
this historical data would exist on separate data storage 
servers ... theoretically anyways.


> I am a bit concerned. I remember at one point it being
> between 30-45 days. Now it seems to be getting smaller by
> about 1-day per month. Last month it was closer to 10
> days.
> Is it basically going to keep getting smaller and smaller
> until we get V2 of the API, or will we be forced to all
> use only streaming services and then locally cache
> everything that we'd want to search for any time period?
> I know there are a LOT of problems inherent in the
> massive scaling out of Twitter, and this is just a
> symptom of them- but at the same time I can only imagine
> how unusable Google would be if you only had a 7-day
> window to Search in, and couldn't get any content made
> prior to that. Very worried about this soon being a 2-3
> day window.
> dave

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