There is no direct way to do this, no.  But you might be able to
accomplish the same thing in an interesting way.  Create a new Twitter
account that exclusively follows users of your app.  When you request
statuses/friends for that new account, you will get current
information and most recent tweet for all your app users with a single
call.  (Well, you are returned 100 users per page.)

On Jul 28, 4:52 am, Green McP <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm writing an app that requires semi-live updates from each user.
> Right now my registered userbase is five, so with a cron job I run the
> script every two minutes for 150 calls per hour (I'm requesting user
> Xs updates since last update) with a whitelisted limit of 20000/hour
> though this only let's me serve a thousand or two users.
> Is there a way to request info for multiple users per REST API call?
> (And assuredly it seems like the search API would be hammered too
> hard)
> Thanks for any insight.

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