How about a much more easy way?

I combined Elgg (was an open source platform for social networks) with
RSS (any RSS to HTML is fine too).
A live example you can find here:

and the RSS from twitter would be:

Now you notice on OTD the LINK to twitter real status, as you wouldn`t
take credit for something someone else sayd.
And remember that Twitter dosen`t take credential for what ppl say.
It`s up to them (twitter users) to give access or set private.

Hope this helps you.

Sincerly, Cristian.

On Jul 28, 3:49 pm, "Michael Paladino" <>
> Twitter just recently added a widget to allow this 
> at  Also, check out a few third party
> options:
> Good luck!
> Michael
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> Subject: [twitter-dev] Adding tweets with a certain word them them to a feed
> on your site?
> Does anyone know of a way I could add tweets with a certain word in
> them to a feed on my site?  For example if there are tweets that have
> say "#somethinghere" in them.  If I search twitter for #somethinghere
> (#somethinghere) the list of tweets comes up.  Is it possible to get
> that list of tweets posted on my site?  This may be really confusing
> and if so let me know and ill try to word it another way.  Thanks in
> advance,
> Doug

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