I read this discussion carefully and I cannot extract a conclusion...

The question is why a set of API methods are working and others aren't
working properly, returning a 'Incorrect signature' error.

Methods working now:
- posting a tweet (statuses/update). Works fine
- extract user timeline (statuses/user_timeline). Works fine either
the request is made by the authenticated user (user requesting his own
timeline) or requesting a 3rd user timeline
- verify credentials (account/verify_credentials). Works fine.

Methods not working:
- delete a tweet (statuses/destroy).
- destroy a relationship (friendships/destroy)
- create a relationship (friendships/create)
- extract friends timeline (statuses/friends_timeline)

All methods are relying over the same base python method, building the
same requests changing the API urls and/or parameters... The library I
am using is http://oauth.googlecode.com/svn/code/python/oauth/oauth.py

I think if server signature verification have been modified, and now
is running 'properly', all my methods should fail, especially the
methods that authentication is required... but the problem is ones are
working and others not working.

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