Here's TwitterOAuth.vb, the OAuth class I'm using for my Twitter

This is a VB.NET port of Shannon Whitley's C# class, with a few tweaks
and extensions.  My client's still a 0.5 alpha, so it's entirely
possible that there are still holes in this.  If you find any, I'd be
grateful to know so I can fix them.

On Jul 30, 12:53 pm, Ney Garcia <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have gone into the same problem : my app uses OAuth to post tweets
> and went ok over the weekend but on Monday, Twitter started refusing
> OAuth posts. My app then tries to post using basic method, and it
> works.
> I also implemented OAuth using Shannon Whitley's example, which I
> transformed in a Web Service.
> I saw Duane's VB code but I havent noticed what has changed from
> original UrlEncode method.
> Would you give me any help ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Ney.
> On 28 jul, 15:13, Duane Roelands <> wrote:
> > My application appears to be back in the game, after some corrections
> > to my url encoding.  I've posted the code here (
> > 72568/) for the benefit of other VB.NET developers.
> > This is a VB.NET port of the URLEncode method found in the Twitter/
> > OAuth class from Shannon Whitley and Eran Sandler.  They rock.
> > Hopefully, this gets you guys back in the game as well.

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