I got the token secret & aouth_token through

And used the token i got to authorize with the username/password.

I used following url. Where in i filled like below and put in the
It asked me username/password
http://twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token= &oauth_callback=oob

for callback i provided oob as told in the

It asked me username/password then
Twitter.com provided me a pin number and asked me enter in my
application where i registered.

But i dont where exactly to enter that pin number ?

I have to get an access token next ?


I read in the following link. If it is a deskto client flow, then call
back will be like,, a 7 digit pin number will be provided . Enter it
in the application.
# After obtaining approval from the user, a prompt on twitter.com will
display a 7 digit PIN.
# The user is instructed to copy this PIN and return to the
# The application will prompt the user to enter the PIN from step 4.

IF i use browser where i have to enter this pin number ?
Or i have write a full end to end application,? not just like form url
and test in browset get access token ?
How does this flow really works...? desktop client.

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