"With basic auth you are aware of the fact you are giving application
credentials, so are able to make thoughtful decision."
This is not supported by the evidence, as thousands of people
"thoughtfully" gave their Twitter credentials to TwitViewer and got
their accounts stolen.

"With OAuth you (ordinary user) are not aware of the fact that you
give application credentials"
This is incorrect.  WIth OAuth, you don't give your credentials to
anyone except Twitter.

It's a bad idea to give your account credentials to a third party.
Basic Auth forces you to give your account credentials to a third
Therefore, using Basic Auth is a bad idea.

On Jul 31, 8:09 am, Nicole Simon <nee...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am surprised nobody is bringing up these too points:
> - people will use the more secure thing once they are educated. you know the
> kind of stuff where you tell the people you support that they will not get
> tech support any more if they do this.
> - the argument about 'having to agree on something' is not as bad as it
> sound because they do it every day on facebook. The one thing I do mind that
> even I always have to search aruond to find the place where my apps are
> located.
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