Since you're not including an oauth_callback, i would assume you're using
the oob flow, in which case, i have to ask, where's your oauth_verifier

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 13:09, mattarnold1977 <>wrote:

> Please, if anyone can assist I would be grateful.  Here is a sample of
> my url I've formed to get the access token:
> -Matt
> On Jul 30, 7:49 pm, mattarnold1977 <> wrote:
> > I am using ASP .NET (VB) to try and authenticate using oAuth.  I have
> > been able to get a request token and direct a user to Twitter's
> > authentication page.  Twitter then redirects back to my app.  At that
> > point I attempt to get an access token, but I continue to receive 401
> > "unauthorized" errors.  I have made sure that I am getting a new
> > signature, using both the token and token secret when generating the
> > signature, and that my url parameters are in alphabetical order, but I
> > continue to get 401 errors.  Has anyone experienced this, and if so,
> > could you point me in the right direction toward diagnosing this
> > issue?
> >
> > -Matt

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