The OAuth UI doesn't work acceptably on the mobile phones I am targeting.
So, I am thinking about embedding a custom browser into my application, so I
can render the OAuth web pages appropriately for the phone. I do not see
anything in the ToS that forbids building a custom browser to use for the
OAuth flow and my app doesn't do anything malicious. Does Twitter have any
problem with apps that do this?


To be specific, I am going to render the image-based buttons in the
allow/deny form correctly (on the phones I am targeting, the image-based
"allow" and "deny" buttons show up as two identical black rectangles).
Hopefully I will also be able to render the page so scrolling isn't needed.
If there are linked stylesheets and/or Javascript and/or images then I also
want to prevent the browser from downloading them to save money for users
that pay per KB downloaded.




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