I figured it's worth dropping a note here about a name change of a
Python library I wrote to wrap Twitter's API, as some people from this
list took some interest in it when I first announced it. *shrug*

The library (Tango) has been renamed to Twython, simply because I
realized (and subsequently had a lot of people kindly point out to me)
that there are quite a few other notable open source efforts named
Tango already. It's still located on GitHub and such, and can be found
at the following link. Still looking for anyone who'd like to
contribute, definitely needs more documentation!


As an aside, Tango's currently listed on the API Wiki for Twitter. I'd
like to apologize for throwing such a trivial request out there, but
could anyone change the name and link there? GitHub doesn't
automatically forward repos if you name change, so I see the potential
for confusion there...


- Ryan McGrath

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