To post tweet to single account, use this API

To reply to many users, simply use @reply_to!
You can not tweets to all users by @reply_to way because you have only 140
chars in each tweets! To tweet to all users, why you don't simply tweet a
status! Everybody will see it!

    1)  To Get tweets.
If you want to get public tweet, use this:

If you want to get  tweets by a specifu user, use this one:

And if you want to get all  tweets which replied to a specify user, this one
for you

But please carefully and rate limit and remeber to cache result when get

2009/8/3 santosh4283 <>

> Hi friend's
>         I am developing tweet app for windows mobile using HTTP , i
> want tweet apis for following.
>     1)  To Get tweets.
>     2)  To post tweet to a single , multiple and all users.
> Awaiting for your reply

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