ClickableNow is a service that enables clickable Twitter backgrounds
via a browser add-on.  We launched the service last week and so far
we've seen about 10,000 visitors to the website (http://

We're now looking to add an additional page to the website to list
developers who have implemented the ClickableNow functionality.  If
your app displays (or can display) a user's Twitter background, you
can use our code to enable the clickable links.  It takes just a few
lines of code to add ClickableNow to your app.

You can see an example of the code on (http://
).  If you have the ability to perform a cross-domain call in your
app, then you can drop the ".jsonp" extension and retrieve the json

Send an e-mail to if you've implemented
ClickableNow in your app and want to be listed on our site.  You can
send questions to the same address.

Even if you can't add our functionality to your app, give ClickableNow
a try and make your background clickable --

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