have interface (It seems undocumented) for tinyURL, and others.[alias] ->
[original URL]

Will it to be implemented on twitter API?

On Aug 5, 6:16 am, burton <> wrote:
> I had this idea at lunch today and figured I'd share it :)
> Right now Twitter will shorten URLs by default and use
> However, when you receive the content via the API (stream, search,
> etc) you then have to expand the URL by doing a HTTP GET against the
> servers which causes them load and is somewhat redundant.
> If Twitter were to preserve the original URL on their end, and only
> return these to 'fat' clients (but keep the original text for phones
> and existing clients) then you could avoid the HTTP request to the
> servers.
> Just an idea.... :)
> Hope it helps.
> Kevin

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