Can you tell me more about this auto topic discovery feature? I am not seeing anything of that nature on the twitter Web site at all.

On Aug 5, 2009, at 2:29 AM, AJ Chen wrote:

After playing around with auto-discovery of topics in twitter conversations for a while, it seems to me that following topics is another effective way to communicate on twitter. So, I've added a new set of features on website to make it easy for people to follow and tweet about topics. The auto- discovered topics give you a fairly good starting point to read about current new hot topics. In addition, one can create any topic to follow. By adding of a set of keywords or phrases to the topic, you will find that topic following pulls out more complete list of conversations from twitter with much less work. When you tweet or retweet about a topic, the topic's hashtag is automatically appended to your message so that you don't need to remember what hashtag to use.

I notice several websites including homepage have started to provide similar functions recently. Anyone has any early experience or comment to share?

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