I can't get oAuth to authenticate on any of my clients either.  It
works when the client has previously authenticated... but trying to
get a new token it fails when clicking 'Allow'

On Aug 6, 7:42 pm, stephane <stephane.philipa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It's probably linked to the current DDOS but the authentication flow
> shows some strange behavior :
> 1 - I try to initiate an OAuth authentication fromwww.twazzup.com
>   <- twazzup server gets a timeout trying to connect to twitter for
> oauth token (ApplicationError 5 on appengine)
> 3 - I go to twitter.com click "sign-in"
>   <- strangely twitter redirects me to the oauth authorization form
> (do you want to allow twazzup blabla ...)
> So I have to questions there :
> A / did you block incoming OAuth reqs from appengine ?
> B/ is the strange behavior (twitter home authentication mixing with
> another OAuth flow) something we, 3rd party app developers, can or
> should take care of ?
> Cheers,
> Stephanewww.twazzup.com

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