Perhaps set a cookie when they come to your site noting their
preferred language then check for the cookie on the callback page.


On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 12:35 PM, peter_tellgren<> wrote:
> I am running a site where I use sub-domains for the different
> languages I support on the site.
> e.g. for English and for French
> I just wonder if I go from my site to the
> twitter to have my user accept my site as a consumer do I have to have
> a callback URL to or do I in the best
> way solve this.
> I assume there must be a better way since I am not to eager of
> creating one app for each language. Any tips welcome.
> Also today when I created a new app on the twitter site and added a
> callback URL and app URL that are local to my machine. I got a pin
> code instead of a callback. I tried to remove the app with and adding
> it again with the same result. Is there a temporary glitch in the
> twitter API or am I missing something?
> And this afternoon I am unable to update my Twitter App:
> I go to, enter my app that I want to edit. I
> do my changes but when I click save It does not work.
> Any ideas on these topics are welcome

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