We have seen the rates for our app go from 20,000 to 150 and back to 20,000
over a short interval. It is causing complete havoc to our traffic as 150
requests are used up in a matter of minutes and we have no notice about the
change happening.

This is not affecting an optional cron job, this is for normal usage to make
requests on behalf of our users. If we are limited then the user feels it

Can you ring fence those white-listed addresses that you recognise as
totally legitimate - even if it requires an intensive manual exercise - and
then just stabilise things for these sites? Is that being attempted at all?
The IP addresses of every app for users of this thread would be a great

The IP address I am most concerned about is for Twibbon.com:

I appreciate these are difficult times.

Anything you can do would be much appreciated.


Founder - Twibbon.com

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