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Ryan Sarver <rsar...@twitter.com> wrote:

> I wanted to send everyone an update to let you know what has been
> happening, the known issues, some suggestions on how to resolve them
> and some idea of how to move forward.

This was really appreciated. When the dust clears, maybe one more
suggestion? An API to check on the network status? I think
infrastucture attacks aren't going away anytime soon. We've got a
diversity of applications here, some of which can chew up the bandwidth
pretty well and some of those just don't make sense to run if other
users can't get on-line. Instead of answering, "Is it OK to restart my
cron jobs?" the cron jobs could shut themselves down for increments of
so many hours.

Chris Babcock 

PS - Of course it could be misused, but I think the benefit is net.

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