I am not yet sure whether this is related, but over the last 24 hours
we have had complaints from customers who cannot themselves update
their profile image after we had unsuccessfully tried to overlay their

The affected accounts are:


I do not see anything special about these accounts and wondered
whether you could confirm whether there is an issue at your end in
relation to this.

I should point out that we have overlaid 150,000 images before last
night without hearing about this issue, so it does feel like a small
edge case has changed.

Founder - Twibbon.com

On Aug 7, 7:50 pm, scotth_uk <satsc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah I get this trying to update my app's image, and also my twitter
> user_image_url
> On Aug 7, 6:31 pm, adamsinger <adamsi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm trying to enable "Use Twitter for login", but whenever I check the
> > box and click Save, my browser just hangs and I am redirected to a
> > blank /oauth_clients/update page.
> > Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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