Nearly all clients are on the Streaming API successfully. There is one
notable exception: clients that perform a large HTTP POST operation
with the follow= or track= parameter. At some threshold size, requests
are not making it into the Hosebird process. We're working on fixing
this remaining Streaming API issue.

Changes have been made in the networking infrastructure and not every
last piece of Twitter functionality can, as of yet, be supported
reliably. We will get there, but this is not a trivial task. At this
traffic volume, visibility into the interactions between the following
interdependent dimensions is difficult: networking gear, the servers,
the webservers, the application containers, rate limiting logic,
browsers, api clients, valid traffic, invalid traffic, well-formed
traffic, and ill-formed traffic. Multiply the cardinality of these
dimensions and you've quite a cross-product. Then, there's an attack
dynamically probing and leveraging weaknesses.

We understand the impact this is having on the community. Thanks for
your understanding.

John Kalucki
Services, Twitter inc.

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