Hey guys,

I'm not sure if it would be useful or not - but some 3rd party apps
are unaffected, and some are.

For me, I can get 60 - 100 requests out before the API stops
responding for an hour or so.  (I've not measured the hour - it might
be a bit shorter or longer).

The 60 - 100 calls are made with a whitelisted account (but not IP)
using John Nunemaker's twitter gem (newest version) over standard
auth.  After things stop working, I can't do a curl request from the
same server.  I can do curl requests from other servers using the same
account though.  But if I do 60 - 100 requests from the other server,
the API stops responding to that server too.

If others are interested in seeing if there's some kind of pattern
here, please post how you're making requests to the API.  I'd be
especially interested in hearing from people that aren't having


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