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I, for one, don't think such a feature should be via Twitter directly.

What I do think would be valuable would be an ability (which may  
already be present I haven't dug too deeply) to filter by APP. ie to  
get all updates from a given app OR to exclude based on app. For  
example this would allow you to quickly and easily remove all updates  
from PlaySpymaster or other games using Twitter.

Once most apps use Oauth each app will have a unique ID so this type  
of filtering could add greater value.

Many many people do not use hashtags I know I very rarely use them but  
I do use a range of apps (directly or via oauth) and there are apps  
esp ones I'm not using (games mostly) I could see value from filtering  
out of my main Twitter views.


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On Aug 9, 2009, at 7:18 AM, georg mahr <mahrge...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> what do you guys think about a feature making it possible to hide
> certain hashtags?
> I came across this idea, when the new football season began. My
> followers split up into two groups: Those who like football and want
> to read about it and those who don't like football. I like to twitter
> about football but I'm afraid that some of my followers tend to
> unfollow me because my football noise is too much for them.
> I think it'd be a nice feature to set posts with certain hashtags to
> "hidden" or something like that.
> Just tell me your thoughts - is this nonsense, if so - why? Or does
> this already exist..
> best regards,
> @georgmahr

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