Your site was probably making too many API requests in too short a

Also, do you have a unique user agent set when you access the API? And
are you respecting any 302 redirects on GETs and POSTs?

On Aug 9, 1:56 pm, Sean Callahan <> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> After the original DDoS attack our service,, was
> blocked. After communicating my IP addresses an waiting about 48 hours
> it vegan working Friday afternoon. All of a sudden yesterday
> afternooon no one could login to our site. I wonder why our site was
> restored Friday in terms o users being able to login and now yesterday
> and today no one can login to our site? I tried logging into a couple
> competitors sites and was able to login without a problem. Can you
> please help me out a d get my service restored again?
> Best Regards,
> Sean Callahan

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