I agree, and I know the Twitter Ops guys are probably exhausted and
working around the clock to keep the system running.  I have the
utmost respect for it having been responsible for a website before
that suffered from DDoS attacks on occasion.

Twitter.com seems to be running pretty well right now, although I just
can't get Mobile Safari to work properly with oAuth in my simulator.
Obviously this isn't everyone as my user figures do keep going up
which is good news.

I would like it if there were more of a Dev API status page though
maybe rather than the general Twitter status page.

Occasionally my cron jobs from my whitelisted ips get blocked.  I
monitor it, and throttle the cron a bit.  I was running every 5 mins,
at the moment I've dropped it to every 10 and this exact moment I'm
monitoring it manually as it had totally dropped for a while (although
it seems to be connecting again now when I run it.

I tried the 302 redirect for curl code posted but that code didn't
actually re-post the request back to twitter for POST requests.  At
the moment my library IS using 302s for all GET requests (which
actually is most of them!)

On Aug 9, 5:58 pm, Terry Jones <te...@jon.es> wrote:
> >>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart  <stut...@gmail.com> writes:
> Stuart> * I can't believe you lot don't realise that constantly demanding
> Stuart> status updates, while certainly important to you, is little more
> Stuart> than a distraction for those who are actually fighting the good
> Stuart> fight.
> I woke up this morning with the thought that the Twitter mailing list has
> now become part of the DDoS.
> What percentage of the people complaining loudly and increasing the general
> stress/pressure level are actually bots?  :-)
> Terry

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