They haven't overreacted. If you think you can do better, then apply
for a job with them. Have you tried your account from multiple IP

They have faced a crushing attack. They are working on it and they
have worked hard to communicate with us the status of things.

Anyone that was around in 2006/2007 knows that Twitter was excessively
unstable then, and people didn't whine/complain as much.  They've
gotten better but they don't have the capacity to serve traffic and
handle a DDoS attack at the same time.

Your ticket will be dealt with and they are working to resolve overall
issues before they address specific people.

dave fisher/@tibbon

On Aug 9, 10:30 am, chuckblakeman <> wrote:
> For what it's worth.  I am a Twitter use who does not use TweetDeck,
> TweetLater, or any other 3rd party software doing API calls to
> Twitter.  I use Twitter directly without any connection to other API
> calls.
> Since Wednesday I have not been able to use any Twitter functions and
> as of Friday evening I was no longer even able to sign in and watch
> the Tweet stream helplessly.  Login function has been disabled since
> then.
> So they are not just blocking majore APIs - for some reason my direct
> Twitter account has been blocked by Twitter as well.  I've sent two
> tickets and one email to support over the last three days with no
> response.
> They have clearly over-reacted to this issue.

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