What did you guys do in 2007? Twitter was down all the time then. Your
blood pressure must have been through the roof with weekly visits to a
shrink if you responded this way every time it went down.

How many people had bet their business/livelihood on Twitter in 2007?

Compassion all-round Dave, I feel for the businesses who are suffering as
much as Twitter themselves. The amount of hassle Twitter are getting is
probably no less than the downstream hassle to the 3rd parties. We
live in a very demanding society (in the West at least).

The wrongdoers in this are the DDoS people. Everyone else is collateral in someone else's stupid war. I'm surprised no government has stepped in to
be honest as it's setting a hell of a precedence (who knows maybe they

It is like a surreal tech soap opera on this list though :-) Hey maybe I
could pitch this to Fox .....

All the best


On Aug 9, 1:48 pm, Neil Ellis <neilellis1...@googlemail.com> wrote:
Nice story Adam, however the band are actually trying to run a
business, not doing this for love/free. I can assure you the investors
in Twitter will be looking to turn profit. Of course if the band are
laid up then the danger is the hotdog man (and all his customers) will
go to another band that are still playing and have fans.

That's why I'm 100% confident all that can be done is being done, cos
plenty of people at Twitter will know how fickle a user base can be.

Good luck guys, I know what these situations are like and it's hard on
you all - I actually hope you guys are getting some rest because it
doesn't sound like this is a 100 yard sprint.

I also hope someone is making sure the ops/devs aren't reading this
list (or getting emails etc) - stress doesn't help productivity in my
experience. Knowing what is at stake does.

Again good luck chaps, I know how the trenches feel :-)

And of course it does suck for the rest of us too, alas that is


On 9 Aug 2009, at 18:24, Adam Cloud wrote:


A band broadcasts their music on a radio station all the time, and
people are able to freely tune into it, or go buy their music. They
go and play in a city park for free every day just because it's a
much nicer experience for the listener then to be just sitting at
home listening on their radio.

You as an up and coming entrepreneur go buy a hotdog & drink stand
and setup camp in that park to make some cash off of the flow of
people who come to see this free event every day. You being there,
giving the ability for people to eat & drink without leaving the
park allows for more of this bands songs to be heard, in effect
increasing the chance that their music might be purchased. So you're
essentially helping them, by taking advantage of them for your

The band gets in a car crash, and alot of equipment is damaged to
the point of not being able to be used, along with their main source
of transportation. The band starts working to find and replace all
that is damaged in their equipment and for their car.

Now you can imagine that little hotdog stand guy standing on their
doorstep while they recover yelling profanities and how they should
be skipping the shipping company who's delivering their parts and
get their parts themselves to save time. Yelling that they shouldn't
be sleeping, they should be working on their band van right now to
make sure it can take them back to the park so he can make some
money. "People aren't coming to my stand anymore!!! They're going to
fast food restaurants and going home. WTF i sold my wife for this

Now of course, this little hotdog stand man may not have really sold
his wife, depending upon which one of you people who are still up in
arms about this was put in his place, but i think you get my points.

The band could easily move to a venue that has their own hotdog/
drink stand making your services not necessary, but instead of doing
that and capitalizing on the profit they could get from that,
they're still planning on going back to the same park they do their
free shows at, and allowing you to continue earning your money.

And this concludes storytime. :)

Happy sunday! (Relax!)

On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Terry Jones <te...@jon.es> wrote:

"Stuart" == Stuart  <stut...@gmail.com> writes:
Stuart> * I can't believe you lot don't realise that constantly
Stuart> status updates, while certainly important to you, is little
Stuart> than a distraction for those who are actually fighting the
Stuart> fight.

I woke up this morning with the thought that the Twitter mailing
list has
now become part of the DDoS.

What percentage of the people complaining loudly and increasing the
stress/pressure level are actually bots?  :-)


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