In all honesty, I think you are stuck. The responsible thing to do is follow this list and wait until the API is reported 100% functional.

Writing a new app is bound to have testing issues, currently you have zero way of knowing if it is your app, the API, routing blocks, or even congestion.

You will waste time, sanity, and money by trying to develop in this environment.

I think all you can do, if wanting to do the right thing by your employer, is tell them no future work can be done at this time.

Of course, there may be other areas you can work on, like UI. There is enough data in the API wiki you can mimic some of the results and hobble along. I still think the only smart thing to do is wait.

This may be a good lead in to a conversation about relying entirely on another service for a source of a business model.
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On Aug 9, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Ryan <> wrote:

I have just started writing a Twitter App for a small company (great
timing lol). Part of it works and part of it is down. Is there any
where else I can check to see which parts of the API are down? I have
continually checked, however I want to make sure
that any errors I'm seeing currently are caused by the twitter outtage
and not my own (possibly errant) code.

Basically I'm under a deadline and if I need to contact my superiors I
want to make sure that I'm right in assuming sections of the API are
truly down.

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