Does this mean that I'll see 150 *or* 20000?  Or is there a situation
where I would see anything in between?  Or some other value?

I'm wanting to ensure that I enhance my library to handle the various
numbers that might be coming back to me.


On Aug 9, 2:45 pm, Ryan Sarver <rsar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Scott,
> You *should* be getting the proper rate limits. Things have changed in the
> last 30 minutes or so, so be sure to check again and let us know if you
> still seeing the variable throttling.
> Best, Ryan
> On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 11:15 AM, Scott C. Lemon <scottcle...@gmail.com>wrote:
> > Chad/Ryan,
> > Thanks for all of the updates so far ... I'm actually jealous that you
> > get to really know what it's like to deal with a DDOS attack of these
> > proportions.  Having been involved in the past with some large scale
> > DDOS attacks (where the FBI and Government even got involved) I know
> > that it is quite a learning experience, and something that very few
> > people can understand or grasp.  It's all towards making a better
> > service!
> > As Jesse suggested, in the mean time, you have given me time to re-
> > evaluate my twitter libraries, and the various code paths to try and
> > make my software more compliant, and able to deal with the situation
> > automatically.  Last night was a fun code fest rewriting a lot, and I
> > think that I have now got a much more robust lib to honor the various
> > headers and return codes.
> > I do have a question for you in the short term ... and it's related to
> > my whitelisted IPs.
> > I noticed when things went down hill, that my main application threads
> > were being killed by the 150 rate limit.  I rewrote all of my logic to
> > deal with this, but have found a strange situation, and want to know
> > how my code ought to deal with this.
> > I am now closely monitoring the headers to throttle based on the X-
> > RateLimit-Limit: header.  BUT ... I noticed that right now I'm being
> > told my limit is 20,000 ... with all of them left.  When I run my
> > script, after about 150 calls this drops to 150 and I'm blocked for
> > hours ... and then I see it kick back up to 20,000.
> > Now when I get an HTTP 400 return code with the rate limit error, my
> > lib will throttle back using 25 second to 1 minute delays ... but what
> > I don't get is how you really want my library to respect these
> > values?  Right now it appears that all of the return headers are
> > telling me 20,000 again ... and I'm guessing that (for the fourth
> > time) if my script takes off and gets going it'll get blacklisted
> > again very quickly.
> > So, besides the 302 following, is there something specific that you
> > want me (us) to do with respect to rate limits?  Is it ok to run our
> > scripts - hard coded - as some *slower* rate that is acceptable to you
> > - ignoring the rate limit headers?  If so ... what is that rate?
> > Also ... when I get back a 400 error that I exceeded the rate limit it
> > appeared that I had to stop *all* requests for an hour or so until I
> > saw the rate limit jump back up to 20,000 before I could restart.
> > Anyhow ... please let me know what you suggest ... I'd be more than
> > willing to update my code to honor your requests, and I'll even see
> > about dropping my PHP code example out on a page somewhere if it's a
> > benefit to others.

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