Mr. Trident, if that is your real name,

You can use the Search API to look for the keyword, and post process
for your users. You could also use the /follow method to track the
userids in question, and post process for the keyword, or use the /
track method and post process. I'd think that /track or the Search API
are the easiest, as you won't run into any rate limiting issues with
either for a reasonably infrequent keyword.

John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Aug 9, 9:56 pm, trident <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running a contest on twitter, and I need to keyword search the
> tweets of only the contestants. The first thing that comes to mind is
> to create a twitter account and then follow only the contestants. This
> enables me to:
> A. Get recent status updates for all friends but not to keyword search
> them.
> B. Keyword search the public timeline but not narrow it down to just
> the friends statuses.
> Is there a way to do both with the Twitter API? Do I need to keyword
> search the results from the friends timeline myself using some 3rd
> party API?
> I am using C#/.NET, and thank you for any help you can provide!
> Trident

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