hi All,
   here is the link - https://sourceforge.net/projects/twitter-to-pdf/

This does following:

1. incremental archival of user tweets(3200 at a time- due to
limitation set by twitter) into single/muliple HTMLs, Text and single
PDF per user.
2. round robin(based on last user tweet retrieved timestamp), fail
proof twitter archival(just a promise/claim)
3. manage hundreds of users' tweets by synchronizing it using
twitter.com web api.
4. can be run just monthly if user doesn't exceed 3,200 tweets per

its just 3 java(30kb) files and remaining java jars downloaded packaged
(3 MB) after downloading from sites mentioned in LICENSE.txt
for java developers just one pom.xml may be necessary and remaining
will be downloaded from repositories..

Thank you,
Hari Sujathan

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