i just read somewhere this morning that twitter is temporarily
blocking new applications from registering because of the DDoS issue.
Maybe this is the reason you are not being granted accessToken.

i was facing the same problem, but cant help it

Lorriane ~*

On Aug 10, 4:18 pm, graceawalker <grace_blo...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> what is the error that you are recieving when requesting your access
> token? Are you sending the oauth_verifier parameter with that request
> which should come back when the user authorises the app to access
> their account.
> On Aug 10, 7:41 am, SaraZaidi <zuks...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > While trying to post tweets from my iPhone app. i can do it easily by
> > basic authentication, but for oauth, i donot get any access token no
> > matter what.
> > My flow is like this ....
> > Set the consumer key and secret
> > Obtain request token
> > Use this request token to obtain access token
> > Obtain auth_req from twitter
> > Post tweet.
> >  Kindly help.
> > Have been working on it for a long time, but nothing would help. Keep
> > in mind that mine is not a Cocoa based application, so I cannot use
> > MGTwitterEngine.
> > Waiting ...
> > Sara

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